Despite forgetting that the words of House Targaryen are ‘Fire and Blood’ Donald Trump declared “Fire and fury” on his enemies during a recent press conference.

Speaking afterwards, President Trump said: “I like this Daenerys girl, she looks good in a dress and, like me enjoys crushing her enemies, I’d like to 104020613-DonaldTrumpDragon2.1910x1000know I can call on her if we have to take on North Korea. Three dragons could be useful and you know, they’re just the best dragons.”

A White House spokesperson said: “We are not declaring for a fictional house based in a fantasy world, I’m afraid the President has been watching too much Game of Thrones and has started to believe that it is actually real, we have advised him that it is not but he simply shouts ‘fake news’ and tells us to get our covfefe and get out.”

A senior military advisor said: “I am worried about the President’s firm belief we are somehow able to call on the services of a small girl and three dragons, unfortunately he cannot be reasoned with and threatens to ‘burn all who oppose him’ if we tell him these dragons don’t exist. I’d much prefer if he went back to threatening to nuke countries.”